A strong, healthy, structurally sound hoof is arguably one of the most vital contributions to a successful partnership between horse and its owner.  ArgentHoof Premium Hoof Dressing can help.  It is a proprietary blend of all natural therapeutic oils and colloidal silver that was developed in an effort to not only help treat maladies of the hoof, but to also PREVENT them!

ArgentHoof can be used to PREVENT and help treat Thrush, White Line Disease, Fungal Infections, Bacterial Infections, Seedy Toe, etc.

The combination of all natural ingredients enhances the actual colour of the hoof without pigments, dyes, or chemicals like petroleum or formalin; promotes the growth of healthy hoof tissue; helps the hoof to regulate its moisture content without making the hoof too hard or too soft; quickly absorbs into the hoof without residue; does not stain, irritate, or smell offensive

Use ArgentHoof daily on a clean, dry hoof by applying directly to the hoof wall, frog, sole, heel bulbs, and coronary band.

Available by the quart and gallons.  Bulk quantity orders welcome.

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