The day Yannick arrived in equestrian sport, not many friends were made. He entered the sport at age 12, relatively old in accordance to most standards, and already excelling in soccer. Demonstrating minimal interest on the soccer field, he learned to ride with a trainer at a local riding club adjacent to the soccer field in Brittany, France. The young "soccer player" took to riding horses quickly, and naturally. He burst onto the show jumping scene and a mere 5 years after his first ride and humble beginning, the tenacious perfectionist became both the European Junior Champion and French National Champion. The next several years would prove to be fruitful for the young talented equestrian by appearing on multiple Nations Cups Teams representing France and by collecting many championships throughout both France and Europe.

His impressive record and performance in Europe led him to the lavish but now defunct Windsome Farms then located on the beautiful island Bermuda and later relocating to Wellington, Florida, USA, as lead trainer for close to 15 years. Continuing to represent France while at Windsome, he saw many victories and appearances on Nations Cups Teams throughout the United States and Canadian Grand Prix Circuits.

In 2009, with a highly respected and successful career behind him, Yannick now operates his business Triskel Equestrian Inc. alongside partner Jennifer in Aurora, Ontario, Canada.